Understand the natural gas bill

Document/Invoice number, type of supply (Gas/Electricity) and ATCUD Code

Date of issue of the document/invoice and the respective billing period

Correspondence recipient - contract correspondence sending data

Total invoice value - Now the invoice value is higher and clearer

Payment details - date by which you must pay the invoice

Space reserved for messages and tips – alert communication date, active payment plan

Our Company Data – (address/NIF…)

Payment default information

Installation Location Data – (contract number/CPE/Social Tariff…)

Contractual Data of the Holder – (NIF/Name/…)

Readings/Consumptions Field – (invoice readings on the invoice, type of consumption, meter number…)

Opening hours, telephone contacts, email, website, WebChat


Invoice Number – now appears on all pages!

Discount – now whenever you have a discount on your invoice it will appear in this field!

Table with information and descriptions of Fees and Taxes

Table with other useful information for the Customer, such as mandatory information stipulated by ERSE – such as Online Complaints Book, prices and respective simulators, information on the adjustment mechanism, CIEG, …) and explanation of the conversion calculation

 Table with Network Access and Commercialization Tariffs

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