savings advice

Every little gesture counts

Turn off the lights whenever you can

The gesture of turning off the lights when leaving is the first gesture and the simplest way to start saving on electricity.

Use low-energy light bulbs

There are many advantages to using energy-saving light bulbs: it reduces energy consumption by illuminating at the same intensity, they last longer and pollute less.

turn off the computers

Do not always leave them connected to the current. Turn them off and, in addition to saving energy, you will extend the life of the appliances.

Use natural light whenever you can

Whenever you can, you should choose houses with a wide variety of interior windows.

Buy appliances with the energy saving seal

They are seals so that consumers can differentiate appliances that consume less energy from those that are more polluting.

Program the thermostats

Set the air conditioning thermostats between 24˚ and 26˚ and the heating thermostats between 19˚ and 21˚.

Install insulators

Install insulators on doors and windows to maintain the temperature inside your home or business.

disconnect the chargers

Disconnect chargers from cell phones and other devices if you are not using them.

use extensions

Use extensions to be able to disconnect several devices at the same time when you are not using them.

Standby consumes energy

Turn off devices when not in use; O standby consumes energy.

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