Fixed Electricity Tariff

You will pay the same 100% electricity tariff from renewable sources throughout the duration of the contract, with clarity, transparency and no surprises

Fixed Tariff - Power up to 41.40 kW

The Fixed Tariff, with a power of up to 41.40 kW, is designed for homes that do not want surprises on their electricity bills. It gives families peace of mind and security, as well as promoting energy savings at home without leaving aside the feeling of comfort. And all this with green energy from renewable 100% sources.

Why is it perfect for homes that want some stability? Because it allows you to decide the final price that will be paid, a stable electricity tariff, only modifying the energy consumption parameters.

At this time, according to market conditions, we make personalized proposals at a fixed rate (without a standard offer), if you would like a proposal to be presented, do not hesitate to contact us.

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Fixed Rate

You only pay for the consumption made.

Fixed Rate

Pay the same rate throughout the duration of the contract

Fixed Rate

100% energy from renewable sources

At Audax Renewables we supply 100% renewable energy to all our customers. Green energy produced from inexhaustible natural resources that do not generate greenhouse gases or polluting emissions.

Green Energy 100% Renewable origin


All our customers enjoy green energy: private, commercial, large companies and administrations.

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