Natural gas indexed rate (TTF or MIBGAS)

Optimize your consumption, as the price of electricity varies depending on how long it takes. 
And also with green energy from renewable 100% origin

At Audax Renewables, you can contract your gas supply and benefit from very competitive natural gas rates and a close and quality Customer Support service. Thanks to the efficient use of natural gas, you can achieve energy savings in your business.
Did you know that, depending on the type of energy used to heat a business, consumption can represent more than 50% of the total energy cost?
We are aware of this situation and, therefore, we make an energy source full of advantages available to you. Without a doubt, and compared to other available energies, natural gas stands out as a more economical, safe, convenient energy with a lower environmental impact.

You can choose between contracting a Fixed or Indexed Natural Gas Tariff

With the Natural Gas Fixed Tariff, you will pay the same price every month for the natural gas consumed. We sell natural gas by transport throughout the Peninsular territory. You can contract the natural gas tariff at the fixed price that best suits your consumption needs. This way, you will have the peace of mind of paying the same rate throughout the duration of the contract. You can hire it whether your rate is low or high pressure.

With the Natural Gas Indexed Tariff, you can pay for natural gas at a variable price depending on the cost price set in the wholesale gas market plus a management fee. Maximize your savings by paying for natural gas consumption at cost. This tariff is available for low and high pressure supplies.

The reference market for calculating the Indexed Tariff is MIBGAS. Organized market where agents buy and sell natural gas at a wholesale level. Among the objectives of MIGBAS are the following: increase competitiveness within the sector; contribute to the harmonization and rationalization of the Iberian gas market; promote liquidity and transparency with negotiation under conditions of equality, transparency and objectivity for all participating agents. In this way, with the Natural Gas Indexed Tariff, you can pay for the gas consumed at a wholesale price and with complete transparency.


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At Audax Renewables we supply 100% renewable energy to all our customers. Green energy produced from inexhaustible natural resources that do not generate greenhouse gases or polluting emissions.

Green Energy 100% Renewable origin

All our customers enjoy green energy: private, commercial, large companies and administrations.

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The price varies depending on the time (DHA business)

You better than anyone know the needs for your consumption. There’s nothing better than being able to select the time that best suits your business’s energy activity.
For more information, consult the Poupa Energia website via the link

Each period presents different energy prices for each time. In the three-hour option, the highest price occurs during the peak period and the lowest during the off-peak period. In the bi-hourly option, the highest price occurs during the off-empty period and the lowest during the empty period. In the simple option there is no differentiation in energy prices during the day. The hourly period corresponds to the way in which electricity consumption is distributed over the 24 hours of each day and the 7 days of the week. For consumers connected to Low Normal Voltage (BTN), there are two distinct periods:

• Daily Cycle: The hourly periods are the same every day of the year.
• Weekly Cycle: Time periods differ between weekdays, Saturdays and Sundays, as well as between Summer and Winter.

The off-peak period applicable to tariffs with two time periods includes peak and flood periods. A consumer who transfers consumption from the peak period to the off-peak period (e.g. using the dishwasher from 00:00) sees a reduction in his monthly bill compared to a consumer who is on a simple tariff option.

The greater the shift in electricity consumption to off-peak hours, the greater the direct savings on electricity bills, as the lower the price paid for the energy consumed. What's really interesting is deciding how consumption should be organized so that switching to this tariff means savings on electricity tariffs for your business!

Benefits of Time Discrimination Fare (DHA Business)

With this tariff, you finally pay to connect the appliances that consume more electricity at night or in the morning, depending on the time slot. The aim of time discrimination is to avoid peaks in electricity demand. Benefit from a lower price, shifting your energy consumption electricity from the hours of greatest demand to the hours of lowest consumption, when the production and distribution of electricity is cheaper. Achieve energy savings in your home. An average family will notice savings on their electricity bill by having a time-sensitive tariff, assuming that 50% of their consumption is made during off-peak hours.

I want to sign up for the Time Discriminated Tariff (DHA Business)

If you can reduce your home's energy consumption at times of peak energy demand, you can benefit from a lower price per kWh thanks to the Temporal Discrimination Tariff. With clarity, transparency and without surprises. Let our experts advise you to help you optimize your domestic electricity consumption and benefit from the advantages of the DHA Tariff.Sign up now for the Audax Renovables Fixed Tariff with Time Discrimination for your home and save when deciding your electricity hours consumption!

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