Safe, competitive natural gas with professional service

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Safe, competitive natural gas with professional service

Did you know that, depending on the type of energy used for heating a company, consumption can represent more than 50% of the total energy bill?

The trend towards an increase in heating consumption in recent years has turned it into one of the main sources of energy expenditure for companies.

At Audax Renewables, we are aware of this situation and, therefore, we offer you an energy source with several advantages. We refer to natural gas, an energy source with low environmental impact and more economical than other energies, such as diesel, electricity or propane gas.

Without a doubt, and compared to other available energies, natural gas stands out as a more economical, safe, convenient energy with a lower environmental impact.

  • Savings: It is the cheapest energy on the market and the price is stable. Start saving with natural gas now!
  • Heating: provides an adjustable and programmable temperature through a thermostat.
  • Hot water: instantly and without interruptions.
  • Uninterrupted: The supply is continuous, so you will never experience cuts or unexpected interruptions.
  • Security: Reviews are carried out periodically.
  • Clean energy: It does not contaminate, nor is it toxic.
  • Ease: installation is easy and does not require long works.

Advantages of natural gas for your company

Did you know that natural gas, compared to other available energies, stands out for being an economical, safe, convenient energy with less environmental impact than other fossil fuels? Natural gas is a clean and economical source of energy compared to other energies, such as diesel, electricity or propane gas.

Next, we detail some of the advantages of Audax Renewables natural gas:

  • Economic energy. With low maintenance costs and normally stable prices, natural gas will allow you to save energy in your company and reduce costs derived from gas bills.
  • Fossil energy with the lowest environmental impact. Natural gas is less polluting and contains smaller amounts of carbon than other fossil energies.
  • Safe energy for your employees. To be able to use this fossil fuel safely in your company, it is necessary to add mercaptan to it. It is an odorous substance that, in the event of a leak, allows natural gas to be detected immediately.
  • Continuous energy. With natural gas, you can have hot water, heating and cooking uninterruptedly and efficiently.
  • Quick and easy installation. In just a few days and with virtually no work, you will have it perfectly installed in your large company.

Natural gas tariffs for your company

At Audax Renewables we sell natural gas by transport throughout the Peninsular territory, and we offer different natural gas rates, always adapted to your company's actual annual consumption.

Low pressure

Tier 1: for consumption less than 220 m3 per annum.

Tier 2: for consumption between 220 and 500 m3 per annum.

Tier 3: for consumption between 500 and 1000 m3 per annum.

Tier 4: for consumption between 1000 and 10,000 m3 per annum.

Monthly BP: consumption greater than 10,000 m3 per year.BP Long Uses: consumption greater than 10,000 m3 per annum.


Medium pressure

Monthly MP: consumption greater than 10,000 m3 per annum.

MP Long Uses: consumption greater than 10,000 m3 per annum.

With Audax Renewables, you can contract natural gas at a fixed rate or at an indexed rate:

  • Natural Gas Fixed Tariff: You can contract the natural gas tariff at the fixed price that best suits your consumption needs. This way, you will have the peace of mind of paying the same rate throughout the duration of the contract. You can hire it whether your rate is low or high pressure.
  • Natural Gas Indexed Tariff: Now with Audax Renewables, you can pay for natural gas at a variable price depending on the cost price set in the wholesale gas market plus a management fee. Maximize your savings by paying for natural gas consumption at cost. This tariff is available for low and high pressure supplies.

Get in touch with our experts to carry out a concrete study of your company's needs and see how and at what rate we can offer you a solution that allows you to save. Optimize use and consumption while saving.

Maintenance of the gas installation in your company

It is highly recommended, especially for large corporations and industries, to carry out maintenance regularly, ensuring the correct functioning of the installation. It is the only way to enjoy supply with total security guarantees.

I want to hire natural gas for my company

We know how important it is to have efficient communication channels, which is why our Customer Support service is internal, proprietary and is continually trained to offer personalized, quality service.

Get in touch with our team of experts and receive complete advice to achieve maximum savings on your company's natural gas bills.

We work daily to offer very competitive rates that can be adapted to the needs of each type of client, with clear information and no surprises. Save money in your company with natural gas from Audax Renewables!

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