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The added value of natural gas for large corporations

The energy expenditure of large corporations represents a large part of the fixed costs they have every month.

In particular, the trend towards increasing heating consumption in recent years has turned it into one of the main energy costs for companies, representing more than 50% of total energy consumption.

At Audax Renewables, we are aware of this situation and want to help you with the sole purpose of saving on your company's energy bills. We will advise you so that the energy consumption produced in your sector is optimized. And, therefore, achieve a significant reduction in energy costs and bills.

Natural gas is a clean energy source and is normally more economical than other energies, such as diesel, electricity or propane gas. Without a doubt, and compared to other available energies, it stands out as a more economical, safe, convenient energy with a lower environmental impact. A perfect option for large companies and sectors that have high energy consumption and that, on several occasions, are interrupted.

What advantages does natural gas have for large corporations?

At Audax Renewables, we want to help with your company's energy management and, therefore, we offer complete advice so you can predict and control the energy of your large corporation.

This way, you will have more efficiency in supply without reducing the services required to obtain adequate comfort levels.

We remind you of some of the main advantages that natural gas has in your sector:

  • Savings: It is one of the cheapest energy sources on the market and the price normally remains stable. Start saving with natural gas!
  • Heating: It is characterized by having a high calorific value. Provides an adjustable and programmable temperature through a thermostat.
  • Hot water: instantly and without interruptions.
  • Uninterrupted: The supply is continuous, so you will never experience cuts or unexpected interruptions.
  • Security: Reviews are carried out periodically.
  • Energy of fossil origin with lower environmental impact.
  • Ease: installation is easy and does not require long works.
Installing natural gas is the most economical energy option for your company because it requires less maintenance and, therefore, represents lower expenses.

Mainly, natural gas will help save on your corporation's energy bill; You can save on gas and, above all, on heating.

What should you take into account when installing natural gas in your company?

Firstly, you must check the condition of the company's installation, especially because if you have an installation you will only need to contract natural gas. Otherwise, you must request a gas installation.

The checks to be carried out in these cases are:

  • Check the condition of the pipes.
  • Check whether there is already a periodic technical inspection.
  • Analyze the plumbing material.
  • Check the gas pressure permitted by the installation.

To carry out a gas installation in your company, we recommend that you contact an authorized installer directly, who will provide you with all the necessary information and a quote for the natural gas installation.

Regarding this point and taking into account the magnitude of the installation, it is essential to know which terms or concepts must be included in the budget for the gas installation, and to avoid future surprises in case it is necessary to pay these additional costs that were not initially considered . Therefore, we can say that the essential elements to have in a budget for gas installation are the following:

  • Labor for gas installation.
  • Outdoor cabinet to connect the supply line.
  • Preliminary inspection of the installation.
  • Issuance of the Gas Installation Certificate.
  • Installation of materials, if any.
  • Placement of drainage elements and smoke evacuation from materials.
  • Installation of heating points and equipment, if applicable.

I want to hire natural gas for my company

At Audax Renewables, you can contract your gas supply and benefit from very competitive rates and a close and quality Customer Support service. Hiring will be very easy and transparent, without bureaucracy or hassle, because we take care of everything. Furthermore, the price of gas is more economical compared to other energies.

We sell natural gas by transport throughout the Peninsular territory, both at high and low pressure.

Low pressure

Tier 1: for consumption less than 220 m3 per annum.

Tier 2: for consumption between 220 and 500 m3 per annum.

Tier 3: for consumption between 500 and 1000 m3 per annum.

Tier 4: for consumption between 1000 and 10,000 m3 per annum.

Monthly BP: consumption greater than 10,000 m3 per annum.

BP Longas Usos: consumption greater than 10,000 m3 per annum.

Medium pressure

Monthly MP: consumption greater than 10,000 m3 per annum.

MP Long Uses: consumption greater than 10,000 m3 per annum.

The contract duration is 12 or 24 months. Yes, our contracts have loyalty, because it helps us to offer you better prices.

Maintenance of the gas installation in your company

It is highly recommended, especially for large corporations and industries, to carry out maintenance regularly, ensuring the correct functioning of the installation. It is the only way to enjoy supply with total security guarantees.

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