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100% electricity from renewable sources adaptable to your needs

For a large company, controlling energy costs is an unquestionable priority. Being able to save on these costs is a fundamental objective to significantly optimize annual profitability.

In recent years, electricity consumption by large companies, adjusted for calendar effects and temperatures, has progressively increased in relation to previous periods. Sectors such as metallurgy, the chemical industry, food, paper or the production of non-metallic mineral products are those leading this increase in energy consumption.

Large companies usually have a MT access tariff, that is, medium voltage supplies. Taking into account the costs arising from power and consumption, any small improvement in the tariff can represent a large saving.

Our priority is to promote electricity savings for large companies

Faced with this reality, Audax Renewables has created efficient electrical solutions that allow these large companies to pay much less for the electricity they consume and with green energy from renewable source 100%, adapting to your real energy needs. And, of course, the implementation of new electricity tariffs has a direct impact on your annual bills.

After analyzing your electrical consumption, Audax Renewables experts will advise you on the electricity tariff that best suits your consumption needs and will provide you with the greatest savings on your bill. And, also, with green energy from renewable 100% origin.

100% renewable electricity rates perfect for large corporations

For companies with high electrical consumption needs, Audax Renewables offers very competitive electrical rates. Our priority is to optimize electricity prices so that your bill is not a worry for you.

  1. Fixed electricity tariff: This tariff allows companies with large electrical consumption needs to pay the same price for the energy they consume for the entire period of the contract.
  2. Indexed Rate: With Audax Renewables, large companies can now enjoy the advantages of paying for electricity at the wholesale market price. With our Indexed Tariff you can pay every hour at the real price at which the energy is being sold on the electricity market plus a small management commission. Stop paying the risk premium associated with all fixed rates!

Furthermore, you certainly have several supply points and, therefore, at Audax Renewables we group billing so that you can control it centrally.

Pay a cheaper price for electricity and actually save on electricity at the end of the month!

At Audax Renewables we supply 100% renewable energy to all our customers. Green energy produced from inexhaustible natural resources that do not generate greenhouse gases or polluting emissions.

Green Energy 100% Renewable origin


All our customers enjoy green energy: private, commercial, large companies and administrations.

Fixed fare

This tariff allows companies with large electrical consumption needs to pay the same price for electricity for the energy they consume throughout the entire period of the contract.

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Indexed tariff

With Audax Renewables, large companies can now enjoy the advantages of paying for electricity at the wholesale market price.

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Does your company still pay for reactive energy?

Reactive energy is the extra energy demand that some inductive devices, such as motors, transformers or lamps, need to function. This energy drastically reduces the efficiency of large company facilities. It does not produce useful work and is negative for the electricity grid in general, as it causes distortions in the transport network.

For these reasons, if the reactive energy exceeds a percentage of the reactive energy consumed, the Distributor applies a fine on the invoice. The good news is that you can stop paying for this reactive energy if you compensate it with the installation of a capacitor bank, which avoids the fine and adds electricity savings to your electricity bill.

At Audax Renewables, we are committed to the efficient management of reactive energy as one of the saving factors in large companies. Through a personalized study of your supply, we recommend which type of capacitor bank is best suited so that you stop paying for reactive energy. You would be surprised at how much your company can save on reactive energy with a simple installation. Likewise, we take care of everything so you don't have to worry about anything and just notice the savings on your bill.

I want to hire the perfect electricity rate for my company

Remember that contracting electricity with Audax Renewables is synonymous with saving and, on the other hand, it is very easy. Our experts will advise you in a clear and transparent way so that you can freely decide the most suitable type of tariff. We offer you the peace of mind of continuing your economic activity without any hassles or surprises.

  • We believe in efficient consumption. At Audax Renewables, we advise you on best practices to save on your large company's consumption and, consequently, on your electricity bill. If you are interested in optimizing this responsible and efficient consumption, discover which energy measures depend on you.
  • We want to remind you again that it is possible to reduce the value of your company's electricity bill, and you can do so taking different variables into account. For example, improving the current conditions of your electricity tariff or analyzing whether the contracted power is adequate. Look for an electricity tariff that offers you a better price than your current tariff, as is our case.

At Audax Renewables, we have managed to position ourselves as one of the most important energy companies in the Spanish market thanks to our very competitive prices. Our electricity tariffs adapt to each customer, offering optimal 100% energy supply options.

Let our experts help you. Hire the perfect rate for your company right now!

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Natural gas tariffs for large corporations

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