green energy

We are a supplier of renewable energies with conscience for the environment and its future. We respect the environment and contribute to the preservation of the environment.

This green energy, from a 100% renewable source, is clean energy because it does not produce greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, creating responsible consumption without harming the environment.

The modality of renewable energy is born out of this awareness and need.

We provide green energy to any type of customer: individuals, small and medium-sized companies, and large companies.

Green or renewable energy comes from inexhaustible natural sources, such as solar energy, wind energy, biomass, geothermal and hydroelectricity.

We take care of the planet

We use renewable energy sources that do not contaminate the air, water or land. When we talk about green energy, we are not referring only to the commercialization process, but also to the production process. We have wind farms and photovoltaic plants in Spain, a wind farm in Poland and photovoltaic plants in Portugal and Italy that produce 100% energy from renewable sources.

Your home or your business 100% green

Enjoy clean energy suited to your needs, whether for your home, your business, your company or public administration. We put at your disposal a variety of fixed or indexed rates so that you can find the one that best suits your needs at all times. Remember that all products with the Green Seal help to protect the environment where we live.

The future of energy

If, in your day-to-day life, you act in an ethical and committed manner, why not do the same with your energy supply? Choose green, clean, efficient energy, sustainably generated and adaptable to your needs. Let your energy be as committed as you are to your business. Because the energy you consume says a lot about you.

renewable energy certifications

The energy we supply is certified and certifies that your home or business consumes 100% energy from renewable sources. In the invoice, you will prove that the energy you consume is clean and renewable. It is important that you know that, after the first year, you will be able to consult the certification on the CNMC website.

At Audax Renewables we supply 100% renewable energy to all our customers. Green energy produced from inexhaustible natural resources that do not generate greenhouse gases or polluting emissions.

Green Energy 100% Renewable origin


All our customers enjoy green energy: private, commercial, large companies and administrations.

Renewable energies in Portugal

Renewable energies are the energy suppliers of the future because they are an inexhaustible source of resources.

Currently, they are one of the main sources of electricity in our country. Did you know that every year the energy consumed in Portugal from renewable sources increases?

The main sources of green energy are: solar energy, wind energy, biomass, geothermal and hydroelectric. Then, we approach them so that you know the particularities of each one and the respective competitive advantages.

wind energy

Wind energy is obtained by wind and is a 100% renewable energy generation source. Audax Renewables has 4 parks in Spain, one in France, another in Poland and is currently participating in the construction of a park in Panama.

Solar energy

Portugal is one of the European countries with the most hours of sunshine per day, with almost 3,000 hours of full electricity per year. Despite this encouraging data, there is a long way to go because our country continues to lag behind in solar energy production, behind countries like Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands.

hydroelectric power

Hydroelectric power takes advantage of the movement of water and transforms it into electrical current. It is one of the most used natural resources to exploit in areas where the force of the water is particularly important, either in mighty rivers or in very rainy regions.

Audax Group and the environment

The generation of renewable 100% electricity is a clear objective of the Audax Group. An example of this is that, in addition to having our own wind and photovoltaic parks, we recently formalized the largest purchase agreement for energy produced with photovoltaic technology in the world, a historic milestone in the global energy market. In March 2018, the energy group AUDAX formalized a PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) or long-term energy purchase agreement with COX ENERGY, which marks a new milestone in the world energy market for renewable energies that will become the new benchmark in the European energy market, becoming the largest agreement of its kind signed to date for the purchase of energy produced using solar photovoltaic technology. This important PPA encompasses a total volume of 660 MW of installed power, enough to supply 1,300 GWh per year of renewable energy or green energy, equivalent to the consumption of more than 390,000 homes, which will come from the solar generation installations that COX ENERGY will develop in jointly with an international strategic partner in different locations in Spanish and Portuguese geography. The contract establishes that Cox Energy will supply the agreed electricity sale with an installed capacity of 495 MWp in Spain and 165 MWp in Portugal. The projects will start their construction throughout this year and will progressively come into operation until 2020. The total value of the investment will exceed 400 million euros.

With this contract, AUDAX consolidates itself as an energy company focused on renewable energy, which is committed to green and clean energy in a clear commitment to its customers and the environment. The signed PPA is the first of a strategic plan, resulting from the alliance between AUDAX and COX ENERGY, to develop photovoltaic generation projects in all European countries where AUDAX is present (Portugal, Italy, France, Germany, Poland and Netherlands). The 660 MW of this solar PPA position Spain and Portugal as the European countries with the highest volume of renewable energy sold through this type of agreement.

Likewise, Audax Renewables, together with its local partners, started the project for the Toabré wind farm in Panama, initiating construction work for the first phase of 66 MW of installed capacity for the wind farm. The project located in the municipalities of Penonomé and Antón will include the installation of 20 Vestas V117 model turbines. The construction period is expected to last a maximum of 22 months, including the construction of 66 MW, two substations and a 27 km energy evacuation line sized for future phases, with an estimated production of 240 GWh/year.

We consolidate ourselves as an energy company focused on renewable energies, which implies a clear commitment to our customers and the environment.

We have seven own wind farms that generate energy from 100% renewable sources, being present in Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany, Poland, Holland, France and Hungary, with a diversified and stable portfolio of more than 365,000 customers.

We are aware of climate change, its causes and consequences. For this reason, our mission is to provide green and renewable 100% energy to our customers, with the aim of achieving sustainable, clean and responsible energy consumption. By constantly acting ethically and conscientiously in the use of energy, we are helping in a notable way to preserve the environment.

Remember that the energy you consume says a lot about you. Join a green and sustainable company! You can do it with Audax's green tariffs.

Self-consumption: Produce your own green energy!

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